Diverse expertise, applied across industries


In recent years we have had the opportunity to provide answers and solutions for a wide variety of projects and topics for our clients. Here you will find an overview of inspiring examples.

Product & Service Ideation
Program, Product & Project Management
Partner Acquisition & Management
Omnichannel-Commerce of Retail Groups
Market Entry & Growth
Internet of Things (IoT) & AI
Digitalization of Medium-Sized Companies
Future of Mobility
Business Model Design
Digital Market Places & Platforms
Digital PoS
Digital Transformation of Shopping Malls
Corporate Partner Strategies

Selected Cases

  • Introduction of an innovation radar
    Development of a monitoring radar for the structured, rapid recording and evaluation of omnichannel retail innovations for a leading german retail chain.
  • Entry of OEM dealer networks and workshops into e-commerce
    Concept, product and project management for the entry of dealer networks and workshops of a leading global automobile manufacturer into marketplace-driven e-commerce.
  • CRM approaches for the motorsport activities of a premium automobile brand
    Identification of digital CRM measures in order to increase fan base of motor sports activities of a leading German premium automobile brand.
  • Development of marketplace-driven decentralized e-commerce
    Conceptualisation and project management for the development of decentralized e-commerce with a high degree of local control, for a group of companies in online marketplaces.
  • Proof of concept as the basis for the market entry of a new service product
    Validation of the international market response for a potential new service that provides SMBs with tools for easy local online marketing.
  • Further development of the IoT infrastructure
    For a leading german mechanical engineering company, new approaches for the further development of its IoT infrastructure were found, evaluated and piloted as prototypes.
  • Scaling approaches for new business models in mechanical engineering
    Development of scaling approaches for digital business models such as "subscription" for a leading german mechanical engineering company.
  • Business model scenarios and roadmap
    Identification and evaluation of business model scenarios for offering scalable consulting services for succession planning of SMEs
  • Value proposition of 3D printing services
    Market- and user-centric sketching of potential product and service ideas for the introduction of 3D printing services in craft and assembly companies