Digital innovation with progressive business and operating models


We help our clients to use and unleash their full potential of digital innovations, to further develop existing business models and to build new business opportunities. In addition, we offer holistic and action-oriented consulting services – from strategy development to implementation supervision. We rely on a mix of methods from the world of digital business, agile methods and classic management consulting.

Strategy Development

We help our clients to find the right strategic goals and to define the overarching expectations and dependencies. This gives our clients clear commercial and planning guidelines.

360° Concepts for Platforms, Products and Services

Through our conceptual strengths in the areas of user requirements, activity and process design, infrastructure planning and monitoring, we break down strategies into tangible solutions, which we can quickly lead to testable prototypes and pilots and on to the final product.

Effective Implementation Development

With our holistic consuting approach, we also help our customers in the implementation of their digital products.
We start parallel or seamlessly with strategy development and business consulting and steer the implementation through all development phases and challenges: strategy, conception, implementation and introduction.

More about our integrated consulting approach

  • Digital Marketplaces & Platforms
    Online marketplaces are the largest pillars of B2C online commerce and are increasingly gaining importance in B2B as well. Their expansion into online platforms opens the possibilities for providers and customers/clients...
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  • Digitalization of SMEs
    Digitisation poses special challenges for small and medium-sized businesses to maintain their competitiveness and to recognise and implement the possibilities for innovative shaping of the entrepreneurial future...
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  • Digital PoS
    Digitisation is a challenge for stationary retailers. But digitisation also offers the stationary POS the opportunity to reinvent itself and play off its strengths in the interests of the customer...
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  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Disruptive technologies play an important role as consulting for digital business, because as soon as these technologies have reached a sufficient level of maturity in their life cycle, we search with and for our clients for common use cases and ways to develop them...
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  • Digital Transformation of Shopping Malls
    The digitalization of retail poses a significant threat to the USP of shopping malls. Amazon, Google and other online retailers are now offering access to a wide range of products, simple shopping options or great convenience in transporting shopping home...
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  • Ominchannel-Commerce of Buying Association Groups
    For hardly anyone is Omnichannel Commerce such a big challenge as for the many association groups in Germany. Distinct local decision-making powers, e.g. on product ranges, prices and service offers, meet customers...
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  • Business Model Design
    As Business Model Design we understand the conceptual elaboration of all levels, which are necessary for the further development of a checked idea to a rollable product...
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  • Corporate Partner Strategies
    Platform economy and seamless customer experiences catalyse the opportunities and possibilities of strategic partnerships to develop common business opportunities, monetize given reach to customers more intensively or optimize operating models...
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  • Product & Service Ideation
    Our clients face a variety of challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, existing product and service offerings are often no longer sufficient to inspire existing customers in the face of new competition and less loyalty...
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  • Partner Acquisition & Management
    Every marketplace and platform model must take care of demand and supply design. On the supply side, these are often commercial partners who have to be gained and connected for the marketplace or platform...
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  • Future of Mobility
    Hardly any other industry that is one of our consulting focal points is facing as many opportunities and necessities of change as the mobility industry. New customer behaviour, e.g. end-of-ownership, overarching issues such as climate change and the desire for climate-neutral mobility...
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