Omnichannel EU market entry of a US manufacturer of consumer electronics

Case Study


Against the backdrop of an expanding market, Monoprice’s sales activities on European marketplaces needed to be both expanded and made more efficient. This included a precise analysis of the requirements for omnichannel commerce in Europe, the realignment of price management and the optimization of the offering on existing platforms. At the same time, new, promising European marketplaces were to be developed.


To implement this ambitious plan, we began with an in-depth selection and analysis of the preferred omnichannel providers to ensure a solid roadmap and the establishment of the necessary infrastructure for entering the EU market. In parallel, we implemented an improved omnichannel price management and redesigned the sales activities on existing marketplaces. A dedicated team of client employees and consultants from eStrategy Consulting was established to ensure continuous support and expansion on various marketplaces. This team also played a crucial role in onboarding new platforms and gathering marketplace-specific campaign knowledge.


Through our systematic efforts, we were able to lay a solid foundation for Monoprice’s omnichannel commerce strategy in Europe. A clear sign of success was the impressive increase in marketplace sales, in some cases by more than a factor of 5. We also established a knowledge base that enabled Monoprice to benefit from the experience of operating in a marketplace for others. Equally important was the establishment of more consistent internal communication and exchange processes to ensure smooth operations.