Integrated monitoring dashboard for the combined marketing and sales teams of an online bank

Case Study


The main goal of our project was to create an integrated, centralized dashboard to measure key operational activities and investments (e.g. media spendings). This dashboard should enable the management team and all project managers to make data-driven decisions. At the same time, the large number of individual reports currently available and the effort involved in each were to be reduced.


We started our project work with a pragmatic analysis: What are the strategically and financially most important decisions that the bank regularly makes in the context of online marketing? For example: Which media budgets are the most relevant? Which targeted results are the most significant? In each case, we derived the most important driver-effect relationships: What is the bank doing to achieve these results? From this, we were able to derive the right KPI set to be analyzed through integrated performance monitoring.

In the second step, we designed the necessary dashboard – not as a paper-based concept like the consultations that had failed in the run-up to the task, but as a prototype simulated in XML. This made our concept very concrete and tangible and enabled rapid joint discussion and iteration.
The third step was to test the data feasibility of the prototype: Does the bank have the data required for the dashboard, in sufficiently suitable structures and connection forms?
After incorporating the changes required by the feasibility check, the prototype was handed over to the bank for further technical implementation.


The newly created dashboard enabled the management team to make well-founded, data-driven decisions for the first time. It provided a clear overview of the relevant key figures and reduced the dependency on a large number of individual reports.