How can e-commerce platforms move the fashion industry toward greater sustainability? The fashion business magazine Women’s Wear Daily asked us for our expertise on this topic.

Did you know 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of clothing, shoes and accessories? Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), a leading U.S. fashion publication and “fashion bible,” asked us about how e-commerce platforms are getting their suppliers and fashion brands to be more sustainable.

„[They] have the flexibility and creativity to take transformative action (…) What platforms decide to do… can have a direct effect on people’s behavior, because they are user-centric. So everything they do to change behavior will always consider user motivation and interests, which very often is a strong driver for adaption.“

Our core idea: Through their market power, e-commerce platforms can work with their partners to establish solutions that meet the ethical demands of our time. When major distribution channels engage in defining requirements for supply chain transparency or adherence to sustainable production conditions, this is almost tantamount to setting unofficial market standards.

Marketplaces and platforms will always develop these standards with their customers’ interests in mind, not against them. This increases the likelihood of penetration of the market. To make the playing field fairer for suppliers and manufacturers, appropriate frameworks could be created with realistic notice. This gives suppliers and fashion labels the opportunity to change as well and align their value chains towards more sustainability.

With our expertise in e-commerce innovation and sustainability in online business, our team at eStrategy Consulting supports and advises on several initiatives to avoid and offset CO2 emissions and optimize production and supply chains.

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