Implementation of Allianz product protection on the eBay marketplace

Case Study
“Allianz Partners is the leading provider of ‘high-tech-high-touch’ insurance and assistance services for consumers in critical situations as well as in everyday life. Allianz Partners is therefore proud and excited to partner with eBay, a trusted digital pioneer that is constantly innovating to improve the online shopping experience worldwide.”
Sylvie Ouziel, CEO, Allianz Partners Group


eBay commissioned eStrategy Consulting with the aim of integrating an insurance service that is easily accessible for buyers and directly integrated into the purchase process. This insurance should offer the possibility for warranty extensions and the coverage of device damage, for new and used devices. The rollout was to take place in Germany, Italy, France and Spain.


Together with Allianz Produktversicherungen as project partner, a solution was created for the desired insurances that could be integrated into the purchase process in a maximally customer-friendly way. Buyers can now add the additional product protection to their purchase by clicking on a single tick, for ranges such as consumer electronics, bicycles or e-bikes. A particular challenge in the implementation of the project was the extensive legal framework.
Even after the go-live, the product and the user experience were continuously improved and adapted to customer needs. Initially, there was only a desktop version, but later the feature was also offered on mobile devices (Android, Apple). The continuous technical optimizations and refinements of the commercial concept finally provided the basis for scaling product protection at a high level.


The assumption that this product feature would meet relevant customer needs in an innovative way quickly turned out to be correct. The model was quickly and successfully accepted by buyers on the eBay marketplace. At the same time, the innovative product launch had a positive PR effect for eBay Germany and Allianz Partners. This laid the foundation for long-term scaling.

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