eStrategy Consulting wins 1st place twice in the Best Retail Cases Awards 2022 – users and jury vote for “eBay Deine Stadt”

The Best Retail Cases were awarded in the course of the POS Connect Summit in Heidelberg. The Best Retail Cases bring together the diverse solutions and inventions that retailers and manufacturers are currently using to address latest challenges, mitigate risks and exploit opportunities. To highlight the best among them, the Best Retail Cases Awards are presented regularly. The submitted cases are awarded via user voting on the Best Retail Cases platform and by an experienced media jury.

Thomas Natkowski (Managing Director of eStrategy Consulting & Project Manager eBay Deine Stadt) at the award ceremony for the Best Retail Cases in “The LMBA Studio”.

eStrategy Consulting applied for the first time this year with the case “eBay Deine Stadt”. This is a project to strengthen stationary retailers by eBay Germany and the German Retail Association (HDE). Launched in mid-April 2021 with initially ten cities, more than 30 cities & regions are now taking part – since the end of March 2022, eBay has also included the German capital, Berlin. The offerings of 15,000 traders can be found on the local marketplaces. The solution represents a win-win-win situation for cities, merchants and eBay. That the approach works sustainably is shown by the reactions of those responsible in the cities & regions as well as feedback from the merchants.

In the Corona summer, eStrategy Consulting developed the concept for “eBay Deine Stadt” in exchange with experts from cities and municipalities. For the realisation of the concept, the commercial and technical design was developed and based on this, the sales strategy as well as the project and implementation planning were worked out. eStrategy Consulting leads the project “eBay Deine Stadt” and is in close exchange with the participating as well as many interested cities.

Under the motto “Give me YOUR voice”, more than 6,500 retailers voted for the best retail case. In addition, a jury of experts from the retail world selected the best cases independently of the user voting. The jury consists primarily of representatives from various media companies and closely scrutinises the submitted retail cases to evaluate them according to benefits for end customers and retailers, functionality and innovation.

We are very pleased to announce that we won the second award round 2022 in the category “Retail eCommerce” in both the user voting and the jury’s assessment.

Winner of the Best Retail Cases User Voting 2022 seal in the “Retail eCommerce” category

Winner of the Best Retail Cases Jury Voting 2022 seal in the category “Retail eCommerce

In its press release of 29 September, Best Retail Cases wrote:

In the e-commerce category there was no doubt about the winner. Both users and the jury decided in favour of eBay Deine Stadt. In the project, which was launched together with the German Retail Association (HDE), eBay enables cities and regions to create their own local online marketplaces and thus offer their stationary retailers a lucrative new platform. The listings are visible on both eBay and the local marketplace, which significantly increases the reach.

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