The present role of multichannel and omnichannel for marketing & sales – Cliff Pfefferkorn and Thomas Natkowski are guests on the BTS podcast “Fearless Thinkers”

Persuasive multi- and omnichannel strategies have become a basic foundation for the success of every marketing and sales organisation. Whether it is efficiently reaching the desired target groups, seamlessly designing customer journeys and developing long-term, loyal customer relationships, it is essential to offer the required added value on the appropriate channels and build an ecosystem that can create relevant customer experiences tailored to the individual moment and user. 

This calls for the right strategies, the right infrastructure, and the right transformation of people, processes and mindsets – a major undertaking that requires the interaction of many competences. 

Especially for the implementation of such strategies, BTS is a globally outstanding partner with whom we have had the pleasure of working successfully on several projects. Focused on “the people side of strategy”, BTS enables organisations to anchor strategic changes operationally, to inspire the internal teams for the change and to enable them to successfully carry the change through the goal and to ” bring it to life”. 

With René Groeneveld, bts SVP and Global Head of Sales and Marketing, and Rick Cheatham, CMO at BTS, Cliff Pfefferkorn and Thomas Natkowski talk about the role of multichannel and omnichannel today, in the latest episode of the BTS podcast Fearless Thinkers.

Fearless Thinkers | Season 2, Episode 1 How omnichannel and multichannel marketing create seamless experiences from BTS on Vimeo.