eBay and sustainability: Customers can now offset the CO2 footprint of the goods

The online marketplace eBay has launched a pilot project for CO2 offsetting. Buyers have the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions associated with the purchase of an item with just one click. For this purpose, they are offered the option “CO2-Ausgleich” on the respective product page, which can be purchased together with the item. In this way, customers support an international climate protection project directly. Learn more about the initiative on the eBay page:

The German online marketplace is working together with South Pole, an international provider for the calculation and trading of CO2 compensation. South Pole supports eBay in converting CO2 tons into emission credits that customers can purchase for environmental projects. The various projects contribute to sustainable development and create added value for the local population affected by climate change. Here is a look at some of the projects:

1. The Kariba Forest Protection Project in Zimbabwe: This project conserves local forests while equipping local communities with the skills and resources needed to protect their environment.

2. The Prony wind energy project in New Caledonia: The wind farms in New Caledonia use world-class technology to generate renewable energy. In fact, this program has created 26 jobs to stabilize and strengthen the local economy.

3. The Cooking Stove Initiative in Rwanda: This project distributes efficient cooking stoves to the local population of Rwanda. So far, 10,800 efficient stoves have been distributed, which reduce toxic smoke. You can read more about their projects on the landing page.

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