Business innovation and transformation for the financial industry

Strategic Partner and Make-it-happen Manager for Banks, Insurers, and Financial Software and Service Providers

The finance industry is particularly affected by digitalization. Traditional banks and insurers face a multitude of new opportunities to redesign and improve customer experiences, develop new products and services, serve new markets such as sustainability, or shape new strategic partnerships and build new business ecosystems. However, many financial institutions also face the challenge of integrating their core processes and systems more holistically and organizing their business activities to be maximally cost-efficient – thereby creating the foundation for the successful use of AI. At the same time, innovation-driven Fin-Techs are entering the market and disrupting market and customer requirements. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are overturning centuries-old fundamental principles of the finance world. However, with all this dynamic change, hardly any industry is as heavily regulated as the financial industry, which further increases the complexity of transformation.

For over a decade, the eStrategy Consulting team has been advising and supporting various companies in the finance industry with expertise, passion, empathy, and integrity in successfully designing digitally driven innovation and mastering the resulting transformation challenges.

Our national and international clients include:

  • Universal and major banks
  • State banks
  • Specialized banks
  • Cooperative banks and Raiffeisen banks
  • Investment companies
  • Building societies
  • Online banks and payment providers
  • Insurance companies
  • IT and software providers

We support our clients seamlessly from strategy development to implementation management with these questions:

  • How can corporate strategies be translated into realizable target images as well as operational and technical expertise and implementation?
  • How can core processes be digitalized, visualized in a more integrated way and consolidated in order to achieve the operational excellence necessary for competitiveness?
  • How can banks improve their internal cost structures?
  • How can large and complex IT and digitalization projects be successfully managed at program, product and project level?
  • How should omnichannel marketing be used to attract new customers and retain existing ones?
  • How can innovative business models, products, and services be identified, evaluated, and developed coherently?
  • How are the necessary operational models and collaborative mindsets conceived and established to master digital transformation?
  • How can financial service providers consistently think and act customer-centric and thus remain competitive?
  • How can data and AI potentials be leveraged individually, both short-term and long-term?
  • How is it ensured that all innovations and changes comply with all necessary regulatory requirements and the company is audit-proof?
  • How can financial institutions successfully utilize outcarving? How can – especially smaller banks – successfully set up and implement merger projects?
  • How can banks successfully master in- and outsourcing projects?