Digitalization of SMEs

Digitalization of SMEs

Digitization poses special challenges for SMEs in terms of maintaining competitiveness and creating opportunities for innovation in their entrepreneurial future.

This is why eStrategy Consulting has developed a cross-industry and cross-problem solution set of SME-oriented competencies and methods that we already use for a large number of clients. The satisfaction of our clients has rewarded us with the award as TOP Consultant 2019, making us one of the best cross-industry management consultancies for small and medium-sized companies in Germany.

  • Medium-sized manufacturers, dealers and service providers
  • Family-run businesses
  • Small and micro enterprises

Questions on how we support SMEs:

  • From what directions and from whom can threats be expected regarding digitalisation, e.g. from new competitors, new customer behaviour or new business levers that impose a threat to the very own business model. At what point have companies to start and take action?
  • What new business models are enabled by the combination of digital and disruptive technologies combined with existing competencies and customers?
  • How can relationships with existing customers be improved through a better customer experience and How can new target groups be reached?
  • How can working methods and processes be made faster, more efficient and cost-saving through digitalization?
  • What roles do new working principles such as Agile, Lean Startup or Design Thinking play and what does “New Work” mean?
  • How will the workforce be able to move positively and successfully through all the changes that digitization will bring to their daily work?
  • Entry of OEM dealer networks and workshops into e-commerce
    Concept, product and project management for the entry of dealer networks and workshops of a leading global automobile manufacturer into marketplace-driven e-commerce.
  • CRM approaches for the motorsport activities of a premium automobile brand
    Identification of digital CRM measures in order to increase fan base of motor sports activities of a leading German premium automobile brand.
  • Development of marketplace-driven decentralized e-commerce
    Conceptualisation and project management for the development of decentralized e-commerce with a high degree of local control, for a group of companies in online marketplaces.
  • Proof of concept as the basis for the market entry of a new service product
    Validation of the international market response for a potential new service that provides SMBs with tools for easy local online marketing.
  • Further development of the IoT infrastructure
    For a leading german mechanical engineering company, new approaches for the further development of its IoT infrastructure were found, evaluated and piloted as prototypes.
  • Scaling approaches for new business models in mechanical engineering
    Development of scaling approaches for digital business models such as "subscription" for a leading german mechanical engineering company.
  • Business model scenarios and roadmap
    Identification and evaluation of business model scenarios for offering scalable consulting services for succession planning of SMEs
  • Value proposition of 3D printing services
    Market- and user-centric sketching of potential product and service ideas for the introduction of 3D printing services in craft and assembly companies
  • User-centered approaches to the optimization of core processes
    Use of methods of Design Thinking to identify requirements and optimization ideas for simplifying and improving the quality of the documentation process of a care service provider
  • Demand-oriented digital documentation of construction process
    Conception of a solution for the digitalization of on-site documentation of an engineering test office working on construction sites.
  • User-centric digitization of USP and core processes
    Conceptualisation of approaches for the development of online consulting and sales services as well as for more efficient core processes of a catering company.
  • Design thinking for the conception of digitized document management
    Conceptualisation of a strategic approach for the digitalisation of documents and processes with user-centric methods of a medium sized installation company.
  • Re-evaluation ERP system
    Analysis of the existing ERP system for a medium-sized dealer and lessor of construction machinery from the user's point of view in order to identify pain points and to develop and evaluation and improvement plan with its ERP provider.
  • Market launch strategy for coffee innovation
    Advising the management of an innovative full-range supplier of coffee capsules on digital components for their market entry strategy.
  • Personal digital assistant for sports cars
    Support of the team of a leading sports car manufacturer in the conception of a personal digital assistant by developing an individualized methodology for finding and evaluating product features.
  • Business case for a technology start-up
    Support of a technology startup focused on data economy and AI in the shaping of its business case.
  • Growth strategy for an information portal for parents
    Development of new target groups and monetization opportunities as part of strategic growth options for the operator of an online portal specialised in parents.
  • Digitalisation of PoS
    Identifikation von Optionen zur Digitalisierung des PoS für einen der größten nationalen Anbieter von Tiernahrung.
  • Digitization of the PoS of stationary trading partners
    Support of a premium manufacturer of electronic products within an omnichannel showroom as well as the evaluation and design of further options for the digitization of the POS of its stationary sales partners.
  • International digitization partnerships
    Support of a leading global financial services provider in the preparation of strategic discussions with digitization partners.
  • Integrated marketing controlling
    Development of a cross-divisional dashboard of media spend for omnichannel communications and sales activities of a financial service provider.
  • Realignment of the global marketing budget
    Methodical consulting of a worldwide manufacturer of industrial products for the reorientation of its marketing budget after a successful global rebranding.
  • Omnichannel training of local retailers
    Establishment of training concepts for omnichannel activities for a local trade association.
  • USP-optimization and measures for more customer loyalty
    Optimization of an existing USP approach and development of customer loyalty measures for a vertically integrated manufacturer of women's clothing.
  • Digitization of user experience and core business processes
    As part of a design thinking approach, we supported a provider of adult education to understand the requirements of its internal and external target groups and to translate them into the right strategy.
  • Strategy for digital knowledge management
    Consulting of a mechanical engineering company in the development of knowledge management for the optimization of design and manufacturing processes.
  • Coaching to prepare the transition to fully digitized core processes
    Preparation of the team of a medium-sized provider of B2B services for the planned conversion to fully digitalized core processes.
  • Coaching to prepare the transition to fully digitized core processes
    Preparation of the team of a medium-sized provider of B2B services for the planned conversion to fully digitalized core processes
  • Europe-wide market launch strategy for a digital product
    Planning of the market launch strategy, definition of the critical success ranges from the dealer's and buyer's point of view and corresponding alignment of media planning for a new omnichannel cashback system in order to interlink online and offline trading
  • Product strategy for an omnichannel cashback system
    Development of the product strategy (online, app) for an omnichannel cashback system for the interlinking of online and offline trading.
  • Chatbot-driven business models
    Development of approaches of business models for chatbot-supported messenger services for the operator of a leading social career platform.
  • Monetization lever of a public digital B2C infrastructure provider
    Identification and evaluation of options for the B2C and B2B monetization of a new digital infrastructure of a mobility and infrastructure provider.
  • Preparation of talks with investors and the federal government on scaling the digital offensive of a state infrastructure provider
    Advising a large state-owned infrastructure provider in the preparation of meetings.
  • Study on the evaluation of technology partners for the largest mobility service provider
    Evaluation of suitable technology partners for scaling one of the most important digital initiatives of the largest german mobility service provider.
  • Initialization of the digital transformation of an FMCG wholesaler
    Support of a family-run FMCG wholesaler in the entry and implementation of its digitization strategy, with a focus on software and services.
  • Sales strategy for the German market entry of a manufacturer of B2C innovation products
    Development of options for the german market entry of an international manufacturer of technical innovations such as robotics and 3D printing and preparation of cooperation opportunities with distributors and trading companies.
  • Online solution for the reduction of local overstocks and old goods
    End2End product and project management for the strategic and operative conceptualisation, implementation and introduction of a decentralized solution to reduce old consumer electronic goods and excess stock via online marketplaces.
  • UX-strategy for the entry of an association group into e-commerce
    Development of a conclusive UX-strategy along the key user flows in order to implement solutions for typical challenges of e-commerce and to establish them within the association.
  • Online marketplace strategy for an association group
    Strategic consulting of an association group for the expansion of its own e-commerce by entering into partnerships with relevant online marketplaces. Components of the consulting: Strategic potential, success criteria, organisational, procedural or technical gaps to be closed, cost-benefit evaluation, negotiations with marketplace operators.
  • Digital transformation of food courts in shopping malls
    Identification and piloting a digital ordering process for food courts in shopping malls.
  • Acquisition of trading partners for a new omnichannel marketplace
    Acquisition and onboarding of >50 trading partners (increasing number) to participate and provide assortment on a new omnichannel marketplace combining online and offline commerce.
  • Development and growth strategies for verticals of a leading global marketplace
    Identification of options for digitising the PoS for one of the largest national providers of pet food.
  • Development of a modular system for acquisition and onboarding of enterprise retail partners
    Structuring and standardization of the cooperation with major retail partners such as B2C franchisers and association groups for a leading online marketplace. The building block developed by eStrategy Consulting has served the client as the basis for an efficient acquisition and rapid onboarding of enterprise retail partners - including individualized marketplace strategies and setups for each retailer.
  • Professionalization of innovation management for shopping malls
    Digitalization also creates new opportunities and challenges for shopping malls. Thus, we evaluated and created a digitisation roadmap for identifying and evaluating innovation.
  • Initialization of the B2B business of an online marketplace
    Identification of requirements and options for the initial development of B2B business on one of the largest German online marketplaces.
  • Global Program Management Office for the partnership of two international corporations
    Global Partnership management between one of the Top 3 Omnichannel enabler/marketplaces and one of the largest german retail groups. The PMO included the management of 10 partners initiatives as well as the content and planning responsibility for several lighthouse projects.
  • End-to-end control for an omnichannel retail showcase
    Development, conception and live operation of a global omnichannel showcase between one of the largest DE shopping mall operators, the leading global online payment provider and one of the most important global omnichannel enablers and marketplace operators. The showcase tested the combination of multi-seller and omnichannel approaches, mobile payment methods, in-store tracking, e-price tags (ESL), Click&Collect, Same Day Delivery.
  • Monitoring concept for a new marketplace fee model for sellers
    Development of monitoring concepts and dashboards for the extensive conversion of the fee model for sellers of a leading German online marketplace. Focus on visualizing the driver-effect relationships of the fee model.
  • UX-competition analysis
    For a leading online marketplace, we identified current strengths, weaknesses and options for action within the framework of an analysis of the user experience of a wide range of competitors.
  • EU-wide introduction of warranty extensions
    Conceptual and organizational management to introduce warranty extensions for consumer electronic assortment on a leading DE online marketplace, in co-operation with the biggest insurance company in GER.
  • Conception and piloting of training formats for sellers on an online marketplace
    Conceptual and organisational project management for a new training format for training, binding and motivating commercial sellers of an online marketplace.
  • Digital transformation of the core business of shopping malls
    Support of the digital transformation of a leading Europe-based shopping mall operator. Advice in strategy design and implementation, providing methodological know-how, concept design and management experience to pilot lighthouse projects.
  • Piloting mobile payment at the POS
    Piloting for mobile payment solutions at the stationary PoS for a leading global provider of online payments. The mandate included the pilot conception, supervision of implementation and evaluation.