ECE Digital Mall – from shopping mall to omnichannel hub

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ECE is one of the three largest developers and operators of shopping malls in Europe. It is challenged by digitalization of retail, because the new customer behavior and the increasing relevance of digital channels in the customer journey weaken existing USPs of shopping malls: the leasing of attractive, high-reach and high-revenue spaces to renting retailers.

Marketplace strategy for Expert in Germany

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Trade association groups have a hard time positioning themselves advantageously in terms of e-commerce, because their decentralised organisational structure means they are faced with the major challenge of bundling their traditional strengths in a central online sales channel. There are various approaches how association groups can position themselves more optimally in online trade.

ECE – Easy Dining

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Shopping malls have to face the digitalization, which is changing both the behavior of customers and the business models of tenants. In addition to a large number of retailers, restaurateurs and their offerings are also an essential part of shopping malls business concepts. For our client ECE, we implemented "Easy Dining".

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